Making Great Carrots

The thing about carrots is that they’re aggressively crunchy. Sort of. Kind of soft, but also definitely not. It’s a weird combination that I don’t appreciate. The flavor is whatever, but the texture has always been enough of a turn off that I find the taste irrelevant. Even after chewing for a bit, they still have a soft-but-crunchy-but-crispy-but-mushy texture that’s just strange. Just pick one and stick with it. … [read more]Making Great Carrots

Learning to Like Onions (Sort Of)

Tonight, my wife and I decided to cook saffron-braised chicken with a recipe from one of our favorite cookbooks. The dish is pretty straightforward – put chicken in a pot, cook for a bit, add spices, cook for a bit more, add liquid, cook one more time, and you’re basically done. The thing is, it calls for an entire onion. And that’s crazy talk. … [read more]Learning to Like Onions (Sort Of)