3 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

I recently did an interview with Mikhaela Ackerman for her blog, Edge of the Playground. (It’s a great site about navigating autism for folks both on and off the spectrum, and you should read it 🙂) One question she asked was about how to help parents of autistic, picky eating children. I thought it was a great question, so I decided to write a bit more on the topic. … [read more]3 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

Beating Picky Eating Requires Trust

I had a realization the other day while writing some of my Picky Eater posts. I’ve been writing about specific dishes that helped me develop a taste for new things. It’s true that cooking food the “right” way has been a critical part of expanding my palate, but that’s only part of it. … [read more]Beating Picky Eating Requires Trust

Why Labels Matter

My wife once asked why I cared about getting a formal autism spectrum diagnosis and why I felt the need to label myself accordingly. She said that labels can be problematic. Children are frequently tagged as something (Asperger’s / ASD, ADHD, high anxiety, or whatever), and are then treated differently to help them “cope”. But treating them differently often causes trouble. … [read more]Why Labels Matter